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The significant growth and success of Universal Technology Corner Corporation can be attributed to our business model which is based on a strong culture that has always put people first. Our guiding principles include teamwork, the assumption of responsibility and respect for all.

Our corporate culture is founded on the following values:

   People are our greatest resources.

   Customers are the reason for the company's existence
      and satisfying them is our only goal.

   Quality is the key to our competitiveness.

   Everyone in the Organization to respect each other's rights and dignity.

   To help our people to develop their talents and make optimal use of their abilities
      and potentials.

   To keep abreast with new technology and technical innovation which improves the cost
      and efficiency of our construction projects.

   Attitude is more powerful than technical and economic strength alone.

   To create a safety culture in which all employees take responsibility for health, safety
      and environmental matters.

We are committed to meeting our fundamental obligations to our employees, clients,  subcontractors and suppliers and this has been our corporate philosophy since our establishment.


Abshar Ahmed
Vice President








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We bring together a broad range
of technical expertise to help you find the best, most economical solution for every project.
The Best Team Wins! As part of
the UTC team, you'll learn and become highly skilled in the powerful UTC Business System.
" We put a Sparkle in your Projects "

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