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Project Approach

Successful construction management involves the structuring and blending of specialized talent provides members of the project team and the optimization of the balance between times. Cost and quality.

So while the CM techniques and procedures are similar from project to project, the manner and degree to which they are applied will depend directly on the requirements of each specific project and clients.

Key Issues:
The following is a list of key issue typically faced in a major construction program. Each issue below is discussed in details in the following pages:

of Project Team
Project Launching Meeting  Project Implemen-tation Plan Quality Control, Testing Plan Project Coordin-ation On-site
Project Management

Organization of Project Team:

The key to successful management of any construction program is the organization of the project team. UTC team consists of dedicated individuals whose talents and expertise matches the specific requirements for the project. This idea hold true at all levels of the team, from the on-site foremen, right up through the project manager.

Elements of the team should include the client. Architect and member of the client project team, as require, achieving the goals of the Management’s plan

UTC will issue a memorandum of understanding to all team members outlining the roles and responsibilities of each of the participating parties. Coordination procedures will be established and maintained, including a Project Implementation Plan (PIP) outlining the major milestone of the program. The project Team will work together to help establish achievable project milestones and schedules. We will then work to ensure that the project goals are carried out during the mobilization and construction phases of the project.

Project Launching Meeting:

There is an old adage in the construction management industry that “A project that starts right, goes right.” Our experience has shown that the adage is more truth than poetry, proper planning is the key to starting a project right.

UTC will conduct a Project Launching Meeting as one of its first tasks. This meeting should bring together the key decision-makers for UTC and the Client. The goals and objectives for the project are identified and discussed ensuring that everyone understands what the Client wants to achieves with the project. Planning for the project will include any constraints that have been identified. The current status of the planning for the project will be reviewed. Including anticipated periods for completion of access to the site, and other elements required and in the PIP. All elements relating to the construction program are reviewed and clarified.

Communication protocols are established to ensure that the right information is transmitted to the appropriate decision-makers in the timely manner throughout the project. Reporting relationships, both oral and written, will be established. Frequency of routine project meetings will be developed based upon the needs and availability of the client’s staff.

All the information developed at the Project Launching Meeting is compiled and submitted to the Client for review. That approved information will serves as the basis for UTC’s next activity, which will be development of the project of the Project Implementation Plan.

Project Implementation Plan:

UTC Project Manager will develop the Project Implementation Plan for the project. This plan provides the framework and the road map for the successful delivery of the project, the PIP will outline time duration’s for main working steps, mutual dependencies, deadlines of main milestones like supplies, materials, site preparation, construction, testing, substantial and final acceptance handover.

The initial program costs and schedule will be reviewed indicating specific and accurate quantity and schedule information as requested by client.

The project implementation plan is submitted to the client for review and approval. While this plan forms baseline for the project team, it should be understood that such a plan must be dynamic to be effective. If changes to the plan become necessary, the plan is updated an issued to all team members describing the modified project plan for completing the project.

Quality Control Testing and Permitting:

The goal of UTC is to achieve and administer and quality management plan and to perform to the utmost quality in a safe manner. The purpose of the Quality Control Plan is to establish a basis for providing Construction effort, which complies with the project specification and working drawing exclusive of contractor furnished equipment, materials, performance and construction with the necessary supervision, inspection and testing of all required items of specified work by all subcontractors and vendors.

UTC strives to obtain a uniform, high quality level of workmanship throughout all phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, installation of equipment and facilities, start-up and testing. UTC can, if requested by the client to establish the testing procedures required for the project. A complete description of UTC testing procedures can be furnished upon request.

Project Coordination:

Once the program scope, budget and schedule have been verified as being compatible and the client’s final plans have been issued, work can begin.

During this process, UTC will provide leadership for the project team and provide input to the client on recommended means and method of construction, construction materials, and installation system. These recommendations will be based on a number of factors, including but not limited to project availability of materials, construct ability restricted areas, manpower allocation and other constraints relating to the project.

UTC will conduct periodic design reviews with the client to ensure compliance with pre-established standards of scope, budget, schedule, quantity, quality, codes, and other applicable requirements. The clients will be held accountable for their own in-house technical review of each discipline.

During the final review phase of the client’s plans, UTC Project Director will provide the client with regular project reports and special reports on any significant issues which would affect the cost or successful completion of the project.

Our team will review the plans and specification to help ensure that the various disciplines have coordinate their individual efforts and have produced plans which can be built without errors, omissions, or conflicts, written review comments will be provided to the client and discussed in face-to-face work sessions.

On-Site Project Management:

UTC on-site Project Manager will provide the day-to-day coordination of the contractor’s activities. The Project Manager will assist the contractor with the responsibilities to plan their work to avoid conflicts and disruptions of other’s.

The Project Manager will plan and coordinate the work with the QS/QC, and his coordinators who have the primary responsibility for quality control and compliance with plans and specification.

The Project Manager will conduct on-site weekly Job Meeting with the Contractor, client and key suppliers or vendors. Job progress will be reviewed, conflicts will be identified and resolved, status of outstanding submittals, requests for information, change orders, etc., will be discussed and plans for future works will be reviewed.

A daily Construction Record will be maintained by the Project Manager. A weekly/monthly report will be submitted to the client’s Project Manager outlining the status of project. We will maintain logs of all submittals, requests for information, change order, correspondence and ensure reviews and approvals are provided in a timely manner.

Project close-out will be conducted by UTC to permit the wrap-up of the Contract and official completion of the work. We will lead the final inspection of all work in conjunction with the client, and verify the satisfactory completion of all remedial work. All warrants, guarantees, operating manuals, etc., will be reviewed after receipt from the various contractors and turned over to the client’s building Operations Staff. UTC will coordinate equipment checkout and training for maintenance personnel.

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